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We are proud to offer the services listed below, but if you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call!

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When possible your unwanted
items are recycled to local charities.

Trash Removal

Residential and Commercial Trash and Recycling Pick-Up services: Moultonborough

Moultonborough will be moving to Single Stream Recycling in Spring 2016 which will greatly simplify the process for GNS customers.

All GNS customers must recycle in accordance with the rules of the Moultonborough Transfer Station.  Your trash is hauled there and recycled to the maximum extent possible thereby helping to keep our property taxes low.  Instead of paying to haul away garbage, we strive to maximize the recycling which generates revenue for our town, in addition to saving our environment.

Unlike a few of the “big guy” trash haulers, we do not charge extra fees for fuel or for billing.  Trash pick-up is available on a weekly or seasonal basis, or perhaps something in-between. We also come and get your stuff!  In the garage, shed or elsewhere.  No need to let the animals get at it first or leave barrels strewn about the yard.  Let us know what you need.

Demolition Clean-up

Keep that ugly dumpster out of the yard.  Hire GNS to haul away your demolition materials.  Support local small business with local employees.  We work to schedule our crew and vehicles around the requirements of your construction crew.  Evening and weekend services available at competitive rates to an unsightly dumpster!

Senior Checks

Seniors are special to us! Are your elderly parents throwing wild parties without you? Are they drinking the good stuff and blowing your inheritance? Call Good Neighbor Services! We go into their home and get the trash. Trash folks don?t miss a thing! We are the modern-day milk man. We understand and cater to seniors, and their special needs. Many of the GNS staff volunteer in our community and understand available support services. Our friendly visits for trash pick-up have been invaluable to many out-of-town families. Give a gift certificate and make good things happen!

Special Event Hauling and Recycling

GNS has been the official trash hauler for the Lees Pond Steamboat Race in Moultonborough Bay  the past several years.  We have also been called upon to clean-up after weddings, neighborhood association parties and yard clean-ups, fancy and not-so-fancy family gatherings of hundreds of visitors, and the like.  We can take the stress of it all away from you with our stealth and efficient methods.

Moving or Downsizing – Pack and Haul

GNS will provide the expertise to box and catalog your items so that you can find them when you arrive at your destination.  GNS will haul away items the new homeowner does not want to keep, donating to charity wherever possible.  Our vehicles can handle local moves.

Moving into town?  We can help you unpack and then we haul away your boxes and packing materials for recycling in an efficient manner.

Estate Clean-Outs

We work with family members to provide stress-free Estate Clean-outs.  GNS is sensitive to the documentation you will receive for estate tax purposes, and we strive to provide receipts for items we recycle to local charitable organizations in the estate name.

Seasonal occupancy and rental properties – Trash Pick-Up

Do you have a vacation or rental property and come to town on a sporadic basis?  Our responsible and service-oriented trash pick-up services are available in Moultonborough on a seasonal or on-call basis (rates slightly higher).  If you are renting your property to others, we can keep a special eye on things for you.

Got Junk and Clutter?

GNS will come and clean-out your Barn or Shed or Yard or Attic or Garage or Basement.  We safely remove and dispose of paint, electronics, appliances, carpeting, wood, batteries, appliances and construction debris that are not disposed of with household trash. Is recycling important to you?  We donate usable goods to others in our community.  Call us in when you are opening up camp or closing down camp.  We can provide the extra effort you require to get it done.


If we can't handle it we will refer you to others in the community who can!


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